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Taman Negara

The World's oldest rainforest ..

Taman Negara is a vast national park in Malaysia on the Malay peninsula. It encompasses a sprawling tropical rainforest that's said to be 130 million years old.

National Park HQ, the main entry point, is a base for the nearby canopy walkway, river trips and treks through the jungle to the top of Mt. Tahan. The park is home to tigers, macaques and birdlife, as well as the enormous flowers of the rafflesia plant.

Jerantut Homestay is only about an hour drive away to the National Park HQ.

Bukit Seladang

just a 15 minutes away ..

In addition to the nickname of the Gateway to Taman Negara, Jerantut is also now well-known for the terrain that is ideal for extreme activities including climbing.

One such terrain is Bukit Seladang, which is located only about 10km from Jerantut Homestay. This hill has an altitude of about 165 meters. It became a very popular viewing spot for both locals and afar as its climb is not complicated and yet the view is simply majestic!

Gelangi Cave

20 minutes away ..

Gua Kota Gelanggi is about 20km away from Jerantut Homestay. It's recommended to go with a tour guide as the caves are a bit out of the way. The cave system here is unique and offer a lot of challenging routes. It is interesting to note that the caves can link from one to another.

All the caves here have their own uniqueness. For instance, one of the caves is known as wind caves as is always windy in the cave, the other is known as Dark Cave as it is an underground cave.

Paya Gunung Via Ferrata

13 minutes away ..

Kampung Paya Gunung Climbing Park (a.k.a ExtremePark) is a free standing monolith with two distinct peaks namely Paya Gunung Tower A for the main peak and Paya Gunung Tower B for another peak. Through a multi-pitch climb or Via Ferrata will take you straight to the top of the main peak while the second peak can only be accessed by another Via Ferrata route. The park is about 7.5 km from Jerantut Homestay.